HVAC Filtration

Excel Pleat™ 

Available in MERV 8-12 in standard or high capacity, Braden’s pleated filter, constructed from 100% synthetic fiber, is designed for longer life and reduced maintenance costs. These filters are available in 1″- 5″ diameter with cardboard, plastic and metal frame option.

Premier Pleat™

Premier Pleat™ uses proprietary nano technology, available in MERV 13-15.  Our Nano filters enable higher mechanical efficiency while maintaining low initial pressure drop and meet ANSIASHRAE 52.2.  


Premier Washable™

MERV 13 Washable Filters – Braden’s washable filter removes 75% of airborn particles at 0.3 microns. The filter is washable and reusable while maintaining mechanical filtration principles
through the life of the filter.

Premier Elite™

Braden’s hybrid filter technology advances filtration to MERV 16.
Performing at lower static pressure drops, while maintaining performance without sacrificing energy efficiency. MERV 16 removes 95% of airborne particles at 0.3 microns.

Premier Tech™ HEPA

Braden’s HVAC HEPA, available in E-10, E-11 and E-12, filters are designed to provide the highest level of filtration for commercial and industrial applications.

CLS ® Coalescing Pads & Components

Designed to coalesce and remove the majority
of airborne moisture and large particle mass
prior to the air entering the next filtration stage.

CLS Coalescing Filters

Pocket Filters

The Braden pocket filters are designed for dust
holding capacity and efficiency. Available in MERV 9, 11, 13, 14 in both rigid synthetic and fiberglass materials. Especially designed to remove smaller contaminants such as fine dust and soot.

Metal Panel Filters

Our metal panel filters are built to meet or exceed OEM specifications.  Primarily  used in engines, compressors, fans, blower inlets and gas turbines.

Tricel High Efficiency  V Cell Filters

TriCel® High Efficiency Barrier Filters: Provide high
volumetric air flow with extremely low pressure drop for
gas turbines, HVAC and industrial applications.
Available in both synthetic and microglass media from
MERV 13 – Merv 16 and E-10 – E 12 HEPA variations.

tricel barrier filters