ExCel® Pulse Cartridges

For over 40 years, ExCel® Pulse Cartridges have provided durable cost-efficient filtration protection for all self-cleaning pulse style systems. Standard filter media options for either Cross Flow/GDX or Up & Over/TTD style air inlet filtration systems include: 

  • Moisture resistant 80/20 blended Wet Laid Cellulose
  • 100% Synthetic Wet Laid
  • Polyester Spun Bond

Premier Web™ Nanofiber Cartridges

Premier Web™ Nanofiber Filters established a new benchmark in filter efficiency and pulse filter durability. Combined with the latest in bi-component fiber technology Premier Web™ Filters provide extended periods of lower operating pressure drop than conventional nano fiber filters.

Functionalized options:

  • Premier Web™ HD – exhibits 3x the strength and durability
  • Premier Web™ HP – Super Hydro-oleophobic surface for high moisture
  • Premier Web™ 3D – Micro-depth loading layer for extended low DP
  • Premier Web™ FR – Fire retardant finish

LM6000 Canister Filters

LM6000 Canister Filters – The Braden 100% synthetic media canister filter is designed specifically for the reverse high flow environment of the composite style LM6000 our inlet system.

  • Exceeds minimum efficiencies  > 70% @ 0.4 um
  • 40% lower initial pressure drop when compared to OEM Filter
  • Higher dust loading capacity
  • Improved operation during humidity and high moisture

TriCel® Barrier Filters

TriCel® Barrier Filters have been globally recognized to exhibit an extraordinary level of durability and efficiency.

Manufactured with microglass/synthetic fiber construction and stabilized pleat conformity the TriCel® Barrier Filters exhibit high efficiency and excellent dust holding capacity. 

  • MERV 13/F8, MERV 15/F9, E10-E12 Efficiency rating
  • Continuous foamed gasket (up flow or down flow orientation)
  • 12″ and 17″ extended length designs

PFS® Pre-Filters

PFS® Pre-Filters are comprised of synthetic nonwoven substrates, treated with proprietary fine and nanofibers to increase capturing efficiency of smaller size ranges of particles.

Typically installed upstream of high-efficiency barrier filters, the right prefilter will trap a higher percentage of fine and coarse particles prolonging the life of the final filter.  

Construction includes wire backed and glue bead supported pleated structures to stabilize pleat uniformity and maximize flow and dust loading capacity.

  • PFS-4 – MERV 8 and MERV 11 filters with high capacity, wire supported pleat design with fine fiber treatment 
  • Premier-Pleat™ – MERV 13 filters with high capacity, glue bead supported pleated design with nanofiber treatment

All PFS® Pre-Filters are provided in standard 2” and 4” depths. Custom sizes and depth are available upon request.

CLS® Coalescing Filters

CLS® Coalescing Filters have been globally recognized to exhibit extraordinary level of durability and efficiency in the capture of mist and water droplets.

Manufactured with Synthetic fiber construction and stabilized with a down stream plastic screen and/or wire mesh, the two-piece CLS® system provides easy access for removal and installation of replacement elements.  

  • MERV 6/M5

Evaporative Cooling Media

High quality and certified replacement evaporative cooling pads are available in a wide range of standard sizes, and can be custom ordered (cut to length) for an exact fit for any evaporative cooler systems.

Manufactured from resin impregnated cellulose based media and available with a leading edge coating treatment, our Evaporative Cooling Media will reduce abrasion and mineral deposits.