Cartridge Filters

excel pulse cartridges

ExCel® Pulse Cartridges

For over 40 years, ExCel® brand pulse filters have provided durable cost-efficient filtration high-efficiency air inlet systems for gas turbines. Filters can include a variety of end cap configurations such as round, square, or rectangular flanges, or shaped in oval or conical shapes.

  • Moisture resistant 80/20 blended Wet Laid
  • 100% Synthetic Wet Laid
  • Polyester Spun Bond
  • FR (fire retardant) finishes
  • Hydrophobic treatments

Premier Web™ Nanofiber Cartridges

Premier Web™ Nanofiber Cartridges established a new benchmark in filter efficiency and pulse filter durability. Combined with the latest in bi-component fiber technology Premier Web™ filters provide extended periods of lower operating pressure drop than older conventional nanofiber filters.

Functionalized options:

  • Premier Web™ HD – exhibits 3x the strength and durability
  • Premier Web™ HP – Super Hydro-oleophobic surface for high moisture
  • Premier Web™ 3D – Micro-depth loading layer for extended low DP
  • Premier Web™ FR – Fire retardant finish
cfs cartridge filter

LM6000 Canister Filter

The 100% synthetic media canister filter is designed specifically for the reverse high flow environment of the composite style LM6000 air inlet system.

  • Exceeds minimum efficiencies  > 70% @ 0.4 um
  • 40% lower initial pressure drop when compared to OEM Filter
  • Higher dust loading capacity
  • Improved operation during humidity and high moisture