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PremierWeb™ 3D Nanofiber

Turning Surface Filtration into Depth Filtration

Braden Filtration’s PremierWeb™ 3D Nanofiber was created to increase dust loading capacity to provide for more stable differential pressures for a longer period of time.  While traditional nanofiber is designed for surface filtration only, 3D nanofiber is designed with a gradient density fiber structure.  This helps improve dust cake porosity by providing micro depth filtration of the smaller particles.


Traditional Nano and 3D Nano were tested over an 8 hour period to determine how many cleaning cycles would be required to maintain the same differential pressure.  The traditional Nano required over 35% as many cleaning cycles to maintain the differential pressure.  The results during the test equated to an increase in dust holding capacity of 80%, while reducing cleaning frequency thereby lowering energy costs due to reduced differential pressure.


Non-pulsed static cartridges depend upon depth loading for filter efficiency. During similar testing. The 3D Nano demonstrated an 80% increase in dust holding capacity while maintaining the required higher efficiency.  The higher dust loading capacity equates to increased life as a result of prolonged periods of lower resistance and reduction in fuel consumption.

PremierTEX™ E12 HEPA Filters

Designed for humid environments, Braden’s HEPA filters are engineered to protect turbine performance by capturing sub-micron particles.  Our 3-layer filter media is designed to help maintain engine performance, minimize downtime and reduce maintenance cost over the life of the filter. Braden’s PremierTEX™ E12 HEPA Filters meet both EN1822 and ASHRAE 52.2 test standards.

E12 HEPA Filter Advantages

  • Reduction in Power Loss
  • Increased Engine Availability
  • Reduced Number of Water Washes and Downtime
  • Hydrophobic Properties
  • Salt and Water Barrier
e12 premier tex cartridge filter