PremierTEX™ E12 HEPA Filters

Designed for meeting challenging atmospheric environments, our PremierTEX™ E12 HEPA Filters are engineered to protect turbine performance by capturing sub-micron particles and prohibiting penetration of moisture. Our 3-layer design helps maintain engine performance, minimize downtime and reduce maintenance cost over the life time of the filter.

PremierTEX™ E12 HEPA filtration provides best in class efficiency to help prevent power loss associated with lower efficiency filters. Eliminating fouling and increasing consistency of engine output.

e12 premier tex cartridge filter

What is HEPA Filtration?

Filtration efficiency is categorized through certified testing. HEPA is the highest level of air filtration efficiency for gas turbine inlet filters.  The grade level of HEPA filtration media is determined through a testing classification  known as EN1822, a European Test Standard that focuses on establishing capturing efficiency of the most penetrating particle size (MPPS).  To be certified as E-12 under the EN 1822 standard, the minimum efficiency of a filter media must be 99.5% at the MPPS.  As a comparison, a filter that is rated E10 has a rating of 85% at the MPPS.

Our PremierTEX™ E12 HEPA Filtration product line meets EN1822 standard of 99.5% and has shown to capture particulate as small as point 1 micron (0.1 μm).  

E12 HEPA Filtration Advantages

  • Reduction in Power Loss
  • Increased Engine Availability
  • Reduced Number of Water Washes and Downtime
  • Meets EN1822 and ASHRAE 52.2 Test Standards 
  • Durable 3-Layer Construction
  • Includes Hydrophobic Membrane
  • Salt and Water Barrier
  • Burst Pressures Exceed Industry Standards

How do we achieve PremierTEX™ E12 HEPA Filtration?

Braden designs the PremierTEX™ E12 HEPA Filters using three proprietary technologies which combines a hydrophobic membrane layer designed for high efficiency and water repellency with a pre-filter layer and a backing layer designed for exceptional collection efficiency and air flow. 

PremierTex™ E12 HEPA Filters are available in a cartridge design and our V Cell design.


E12 HEPA Filtration
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